The BlueChew Pill

Hello again fellow daddies!

Had you ever been in a situation where you are in bed with a hot women but no matter what for some reason you can’t get a hard-on? Maybe or maybe not, But if you do know the story or simply just want a fast cock rock, Then keep on reading because today we are going to talk about a new Lifesaver I tried out myself, called Bluechew.

BlueChew is a chewable Pill and a instant erection pill that makes you cock hard rock after couple of minutes. It has some of the same ingredients as Viagra just more effective and instant. The best of all, it is FDA approved for consume. 

These little blue bastards keeps you going on the whole night, on that Innocent girl for sure. It’s doesn’t taste much but definitely a try out. It’s completely harmless but if you are the cautious one, that take no chances with health, then guess what? The Bluechew company offers online physicians to run tests on you, to make sure the product meets your safe expectations. Unfortunately It’s only Available in the US, But I’m sure that the BlueChew company will expand for international shipping very soon. you are welcome to leave a comment if you have any sort of questions or reviews If you  already used the pills. 

Bluechew offers you 4 different monthly plans to choose from for both the Sildenafil and Tadalafil tablets:

Plan NameSildenafilTadalafilPrice
Active6 tablets per month4 tablets per month$20
Busy10 tablets per month7 tablets per month$30
Popular17 tablets per month14 tablets per month$50
Pro34 tablets per month28 tablets per month$90